Can-Am Maverick X3 Dry Break Quick Fuel System

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Can-Am Maverick X3 Dry Break System

The RedHead FLEX PP20FCR-X3 Receiver is designed to replace the factory Can-Am receiver, and will allow for the same re-fueling technology used in Baja 1000 series. In addition, the RedHead receiver can accept fuel from a gas station nozzle, for convenient fill-ups.

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PP20FCR-X3 Receiver


PP20M Probe

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When our X3 customers want a quick fuel solution, we only recommend RedHead.  
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What is a Dry Break Fuel Valve?

Dry Break Fuel valves offer a fast, safe and effective method for refueling.  The racing industry has been re-fueling with dry break valves for over 50 years. These valves prevent fluid loss and feature a spring-loaded female receptacle that mounts in a variety of locations on the vehicle and automatically closes when male dry break is removed.

FLEX Series Origins

RedHead developed a cap mount receiver for open wheel racing in 1999 to pair with our then brand new single point refueling probe for ChampCar. Similar to the Flex Series, the cap receiver featured a dry break receiver in the form of a removable fuel cap to allow quick top offs with our smaller PP125 probe and also garage fueling stations that didn't have a dry break. The dry break cap was used from 1999 to 2007 in ChampCar and is now reimagined for off-road racing in a larger PP20 version.

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